How we care

We love to talk with our customers about where their food comes from and we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. This page is just a snapshot of the way we care for you and your health and how we care for the land and its health. 

Old Farm Truck Market supports farmers who raise livestock and/or grow produce in ways that are respectful of the beauty and value of the land we live and grow on. Respect to us means:

- nourishing the soil that nourishes us. We do this through crop rotation which ensures vital nutrients are not depleted from the soil. We also support farmers who use or make their own natural compost which supports the health of the soil. We support no-till practices in combination with growing cover crops, a cycle that continues to nourish the soil.

- pest control. Insects are a part of the Northern Neck and we strive to protect and respect them as much as any other element of our farm. We utilize no-harm practices like crop rotation, companion planting, and row covers to protect our produce from the insects that love to eat them.  Sustainable pest control using plant based pesticides and fertilizers is another way some of our farmers responsibly deal with pests. As a community of conscious growers and farmers, we are always striving to bring you food in its most natural state.